Norwegian Forest Cats and me, a love story that began now almost 10 years ago ... After a break of more than 4 years in breeding, here we are again.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a fabulous breed with a fantastic character and extraordinary presence. Companions of everyday foremost, my cats live in the house and participate fully in everyday life.


I strive to have kittens feeling comfortable in their own fur and close to the breed's standard. My cats have been selected for the qualities they possess after a thorough study of the lines to ensure maximum stability of temper but also health. The cats are tested for various diseases known and are all free.

If you also think that the Norwegian Forest Cat is a wonderful cat, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss. And who knows, maybe I will have the kitten of your dreams.

We are located in the south of France, in Perpignan near the Spanish border.

29.09.2018 : We have kittens between Jasper and Nitta. They are born the 04th of September. We have 1 male and 3 female. Three kittens are available. They grow up so quick and are already sweet heart. Go to see them

25.12.2014 : The website is now online !

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